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Heaven in Black  by  Anastasia Mohilchock

Heaven in Black by Anastasia Mohilchock
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Angels are good and demons are bad, or so Elysia had always been told. If that was true though, why had the Demon Prince named Kane saved her life?She had assumed that she was a normal teenager before her run-in with a lesser demon revealed that she was a nephilim, an angel born on the Earthly Realm that still had her physical body.

She might have died in that first encounter if Kane hadn’t saved her. He had confessed that he had watched out for her and protected her for most of her life, that he loved her, and that they were now going to be enemies. Kane never quite gave her up though, not able to pull himself away from her completely, and Elysia never forgot him either.Ely has found some allies willing to help her challenge the establishment, a pair of ex-angels and a group of beings called djinn.

While the Demon King makes plans for a massive battle, Elysia struggles to unlock her powers in a desperate bid to end the upcoming war before it even starts. Although she doesn’t consider herself a hopeless romantic, she can’t help but hope that she and Kane can figure out a future where they can be together.

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