The Rays of the Black Sun William Sly


Published: January 7th 2013

Kindle Edition

324 pages


The Rays of the Black Sun  by  William Sly

The Rays of the Black Sun by William Sly
January 7th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 324 pages | ISBN: | 5.65 Mb

Waves of UFO sightings have appeared across the globe. This novel is the struggle of government agents to uncover the truth behind the UFO phenomenon, which reveals long suppressed World War Two Nazi black projects and culminates in a journey to a mysterious crystal city at the North Pole.This wicked drama is Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and Raiders of the Lost Ark, all rolled up into one. The novel is science fiction, but its foundation is taken from actual scientific breakthroughs and historical events.Curiosites:• Right after World War Two, anti-gravity technology was all the rage in the aerospace industry.

Then, all-of-sudden, no one was discussing it. Why?• Why was Joseph Stalin not convinced that Hitler was dead?• Was General George S. Patton murdered?• Why did UFO sightings escalate right after the Second World War?• Hitler was not about to give up, even as the bombs were dropping on Berlin above him. Cloistered away in his underground lair, the Führerbunker, he still dreamt of victory. During a strategy meeting with his generals, they were surveying a large battle map on the conference room table. Suggestions were being made as to troop deployment and General Henrici commented, My leader, there are many troops in both Norway and near Prague.

These troops must be moved to the Eastern front to fight the Russians and the Western front to face the Americans! Hitlers face turned red and he shouted, No, those men will stay where they are. They are protecting technology that will snatch defeat five minutes past midnight for the Reich! Prague is the key to winning the war. This book will answer the question as to why Hitler held so many men in reserve at locations that had ceased being of obvious strategic importance.• General George Patton had been given his orders to make a bee-line to Prague.

He asked Supreme Commander Eisenhower why Prague and not Berlin? He was told that Berlin would be left to the Russians, that Prague was of more strategic importance. Patton did not understand its importance until he arrived in Prague and witnessed Hitlers Wonder Weapons first-hand. There are some that believe that General Patton was assassinated - not the victim of a routine auto accident. The three other people involved in the accident did not have a scratch on them.

Patton had made many enemies during the war, but who would have assassinated the most decorated general of World War II?• One of the greatest mysteries of WWII is the plight of German General Hans Kammler. He has been mysteriously erased from most of the history books. He is the man that designed and built the Auschwitz concentration camp and other camps, that includes their ovens.

This is the man that was given charge of the development of the V1 and V2 rockets that rained down on Britain. But more importantly, Kammler was the man in charge on Hitlers Black Projects. The most curious aspect is that the allies didnt even look for him after the war. Martin Bormann was tried in absentia, but the Nuremburg prosecutors didnt even look for Kammler.

Why?• The enduring mystery of UFOs will be explored from the sighting of pilot Kenneth Arnold (the man that coined the phrase Flying Saucer), the Maury Island incident (where the infamous Men-in-Black made their initial appearance) and the most famous UFO incident in history - the crash at Roswell, New Mexico. But, this book will take a unique look at those incidents and lead to a different conclusion than most ufologists.• But the greatest mystery of WWII is Kammlers Bell.

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